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    Company Profile


    310 Consulting ----Affiliated to SFBC Consulting(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

    One-stop foreign business consulting service – your life and business assistant. We are sincere, professional, systematic and conscientious. We understand your needs.

    上海外事商務咨詢中心 310 CONSULTING 
    Focusing on foreign business service and devoting to providing foreign investor with one-stop consulting solutions concerning foreign affairs. Specific businesses include foreign-owned and joint venture enterprises registration consulting, financial consulting, foreign company registration consulting, work visa for foreigners in China, foreigner entrepreneurship consulting, foreigners applying for Chinese driving license using their respective country’s driving license, etc. Our clients mainly come from Europe, America, Africa, Middle East and Asia, and so far we have served several thousand foreign enterprises. The idea of “Professionalization engenders trust” helps us achieve high market popularity and share and become the preferred brand for foreigner business travel and investment in China.

    Our services include: policy consulting of employment and visa for foreigners in China; solutions to work visa for foreigners in China; assistance in preparing materials, submitting application and translating for clients; and related personnel and administrative support services.

    Our Advantages
    Making your work and application for registration more convenient and successful, improving the success rate:
    1. 專業  
    1. Professional
    310CONSULTING devotes to providing our clients with the best services. We can communicate with fluent English at work. And we can explain policies and regulations, requirements and business procedures for you, assist you in preparing and submitting materials in accordance with provisions, improving the success rate.
    2. 經驗豐富、合法可靠  
    2. Experienced, lawful and reliable
    310CONSULTING has years of experience in work visa services for foreigners and cooperative operation in foreign investment registration park; has dealt with all kinds of problems; and is familiar with internal audit requirements and detailed process of competent departments in various regions. We are also the national general agent of many large groups with rich experience in project management in many regions. We conduct strictly according to laws and regulations and we ensure your application is valid and legitimate.
    3. 一站式服務  
    3. One-stop services
    310CONSULTING provides you with one-stop services. You can call us or send e-mails to us. We will talk over the services, charges and arrangements with you, reducing your workload and costs to the greatest extent.

    Our Corporate Culture
    Corporate mission: providing clients with professional, efficient and one-stop business consulting services for foreigners in China
    Corporate vision: the best service network of professional foreign affairs business consulting in China
    Corporate tenet: serving for foreign clients, promoting Sino-foreign cooperation and communication
    Core values: professionalization, integrity, efficiency, cooperation

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